Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Texas secedes

Texas Ordinance of Secession
  • In Texas, Governor Sam Houston in Austin, a staunch Unionist, has refused to call a convention of the people of Texas  to consider secession. Why? Perhaps because he has been recommended from all over the country to be Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War. Today the people of Texas bypass Governor Houston by calling for a vote on secession to be ratified by public referendum on February 23. Today by a vote of 166-7, Texas becomes provisionally the seventh state to secede from the Union, regaining its sovereignty as the Republic of Texas./1861

    To dissolve the Union between the State of Texas and the other States united under the Compact styled "the Constitution of the United States of America."

    WHEREAS, The Federal Government has failed to accomplish the purposes of the compact of union between these States, in giving protection either to the persons of our people upon an exposed frontier, or to the property of our citizens, and

    WHEREAS, the action of the Northern States of the Union is violative of the compact between the States and the guarantees of the Constitution; and,

    WHEREAS, The recent developments in Federal affairs make it evident that the power of the Federal Government is sought to be made a weapon with which to strike down the interests and property of the people of Texas, and her sister slave-holding States, instead of permitting it to be, as was intended, our shield against outrage and aggression; THEREFORE,

    SECTION 1.-- We, the people of the State of Texas, by delegates in convention assembled, do declare and ordain that the ordinance adopted by our convention of delegates on the 4th day of July, A.D. 1845, and afterwards ratified by us, under which the Republic of Texas was admitted into the Union with other States, and became a party to the compact styled "The Constitution of the United States of America," be, and is hereby, repealed and annulled; that all the powers which, by the said compact, were delegated by Texas to the Federal Government are revoked and resumed; that Texas is of right absolved from all restraints and obligations incurred by said compact, and is a separate sovereign State, and that her citizens and people are absolved from all allegiance to the United States or the government thereof.

    SEC. 2. This ordinance shall be submitted to the people of Texas for their ratification or rejection, by the qualified voters, on the 23rd day of February, 1861, and unless rejected by a majority of the votes cast, shall take effect and be in force on and after the 2d day of March, A.D. 1861. PROVIDED, that in the Representative District of El Paso said election may be held on the 18th day of February, 1861.

    Done by the people of the State of Texas, in convention assembled, at Austin, this 1st day of February, A.D. 1861.
  •  Because of dwindling supplies and the growing tension in Charleston Harbor, it has been determined that all non-essential persons will be evacuated from Fort Sumter at Charleston, South Carolina. The U.S. War Department today sends word to Fort Columbus in New York: "About twenty women & children from Major Anderson's command at Fort Sumter are on their way to New York." /1861
  • President-elect Lincoln finishes his visit with his step-mother, Sarah Bush Johnston, in rural Illinois. When he is ready to leave for Springfield, then on to Washington, DC, for the inauguration, she clutches him and cries, saying she would never see him again and that he would be assassinated. Lincoln tries to console her, then leaves, arriving in Springfield in the afternoon, where he writes Secretary of State-designate William H. Seward, “I am inflexible” to any compromise with the South and extension of slavery in the territories/1861 

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