Saturday, December 18, 2010

SC Secession Convention moves to Charleston

[SC SECESSION CONVENTION] Because of an epidemic of smallpox in Columbia, the delegates assemble instead at the Institute Hall in Charleston. Several committees are proposed including a committee to draft an Ordinance of Secession/1860

US Congressmen from the South publish an address to the people of the South in newspapers today saying, “The argument is exhausted. All hope of relief in the Union through the agency of committees, Congressional legislation, or constitutional amendment, is extinguished, and we trust the South will not be deceived by appearances or the pretense of new guarantees. In our judgment the Republicans are resolute in the purpose to grant nothing that will or ought to satisfy the South. We are satisfied the honor, safety and independence of the Southern People require the organization of a Southern Confederacy – a result to be obtained only by separate State secession.”

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