Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Secession meeting near Wilmington, NC

NC Secession Flag
In Smithville (now Southport), NC, just to the south of Wilmington, NC, near the mouth of the Cape Fear River, citizens "irrespective of party" affiliation hold a "large and enthusiastic meeting," just 9 days after the secession of South Carolina. A strong speech in favor of self-determination is presented by Col. George Wortham of Granville County, NC, and records of the proceedings are sent "to each of our representatives in the General Assembly the Wilmington Journal and the Raleigh State Journal with a request to publish - be copied by all papers friendly to Southern independence."  The meeting adjourns "with three cheers for Secession, and three cheers, long and loud, for the Old North State."
SC Secession Flag

Early in January 1861, Wilmington's Vigilance Committee would lead programs of speakers, cheering and cannon-firing as they sensed a final separation with the North---raising a "lone-star flag" [white star on field of red] as well. The model for this "North Carolina Secession flag" quite likely was the red flag hoisted the previous month by Charlestonians, and emblazoned with a star and crescent. Wilmingtonians wanted their own symbol of political independence."

Source: Bernhard Thuersam, Director, Cape Fear Historical Institute,

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