Sunday, January 16, 2011

Senate kills all hope for Compromise

  • The US Senate, with a 29-24 vote against the Crittenden Compromise proposal and a resolution against amending the Constitution, kills all hope once and for all for the Crittenden or any other type of Constitutionally-guaranteed Compromise/1861
  • Senator Clement Clay of Alabama, having held off the South Carolina Attorney General Isaac Hayne, today meets with President Buchanan representing ten Southern senators working for some resolution to the Fort Sumter crisis. Buchanan and Clay agree to look at options for moving Major Robert Anderson back to Fort Moultrie to remove the offense of guns trained on the city of Charleston, but that Buchanan's Cabinet would have to be involved in the decision./1861
  • In Pensacola, Florida, Lieutenant A.J. Slemmer responds to the Florida Militia commander that he will hold Fort Pickens until a force is brought against it which renders it impossible to hold it. /1861

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