Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crittenden, Congress propose Amendments

Senator John J. Crittenden (KY)
  • In Washington, the national crisis has precipitated the offering of Constitutional amendments in the Congress. The House of Representatives passes a proposed Thirteenth Amendment stating that the Congress will not abolish or interfere with slavery where it exists, but the amendment will not be ratified. (Had the institution of slavery itself been the only issue between North and South, then the amendment might have gained traction). In other business, the House also passes the Morrill Tariff Bill.

    Over in the Senate,
    Kentucky Senator John J. Crittenden, wanting to save the Union through peace, again tries to push his compromise measure through the Senate as a Constitutional amendment. Again he fails. The amendment, the fruit of the Peace Convention’s efforts, is the last compromise sponsored by the peace-loving Crittenden. After the failure of this amendment, he will drop the peaceful compromise efforts to focus on watching the conflict between North and South unfold/1861.
  • The Texas Secession Convention reconvenes in Austin to move forward on the February 23 referendum approving secession from the Union./1861

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