Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lee to command Virginia militia

Maj Gen RE Lee, Virginia Militia
  • Nominated by Governor Letcher of Virginia and approved by the Assembly yesterday, Robert E. Lee assumes command of Virginia's militia and naval force, commissioned major general of Virginia forces--the highest rank of the Virginia Militia. Meanwhile, the Virginia secession convention ratifies a temporary union with the Confederacy and ratifies the Confederate Constitution, subject to approval by a May 23rd public referendum of the Virginia Ordinance of Secession./1861 
  • Arkansas State Militia, sent by Governor Henry M. Rector, arrives in Fort Smith, Arkansas, to seize the U.S. army post there, but find that U.S. troops have already abandoned it./1861
  • President Jefferson Davis urges Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson to seize the Federal arsenal at St. Louis, one of the largest west of the Appalachian Mountains, then join the Confederacy./1861
  • George McClellan is appointed Major General of the Ohio militia./1861
  • At San Antonio, Texas, Confederate forces under Colonel Earl Van Dorn arrest the officers of the 8th United States Infantry as prisoners of war while Confederates commanded by James Duff capture a company of 8th US Infantry formerly commanded by US Colonel Robert E. Lee near San Antonio./1861

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