Saturday, April 9, 2011

Peace Commissioners: Sumter expedition an act of war

  • In Washington, the Confederate Peace Commissioners there send a letter to the US State Department declaring justly that the active naval and military operations are ACTS OF WAR. Meanwhile, Mr. Malice toward None's fleet sails for Charleston/1861 
  • Two more vessels of Fox’s secret Fort Sumter Expedition depart New York City for Charleston Harbor – the Pawnee and the Baltic. After anchoring overnight at Sandy Hook waiting for the tide, the transport steamer Baltic sets sail at 8:00am with Navy Captain and Expedition planner Gustavus Vasa Fox aboard along with 200 men under arms to reinforce Fort Sumter, reinforcements that Lincoln told South Carolina Governor were not aboard. This expedition will get Fox an appointment by the Lincoln Administration as Assistant Secretary of the Navy./1861
  • From Montgomery, Alabama, Confederate Secretary of War Leroy P. Walker orders General Beauregard at Charleston, South Carolina to stop Major Anderson's mail to Fort Sumter. "The fort must be completely isolated," he commanded. Beauregard immediately responds that the mails have already been stopped./1861
  • [SECOND SESSION] In the closing hours of the Second Session of the Convention in Charleston, a review of the session is made in the reading of the major resolutions passed/1861 

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