Monday, May 2, 2011

11th New York Fire Zouaves arrive in Washington

  • Elmer E. EllsworthImage via Wikipedia
    Col. Ellsworth
    Northern state militias from various states continue to be raised and sent to the defense of the capital. The 11th New York Fire Zouaves arrive today at Washington. Their distinctive dress of baggy red pants and short blue jackets mimics the Muslim Turks. Their commander, 24 year old Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth, would be one of the first officers killed in the War on May 24./1861
  • Confederate General Earl Van DornImage via Wikipedia
    Gen. Earl Van Dorn
    The Texas Quartermaster and Commissary General P. N. Luckett writes to the new Confederate military commander in Texas Earl Van Dorn, on instructions from Texas Governor Clark, that he will deduct from the funds recently obtained as part of the surrender of U.S. property in Texas a sufficient amount to equip the regiment of state troops commanded by Col. John S. Ford. Also asks that the regiment be accepted into Confederate service./1861

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