Saturday, May 21, 2011

Capital moves to Richmond; Price-Harney Truce in St. Louis

Virginia Capitol to host Confederate Congress
  • Following a May 11 vote by states 5-3 to move the capital to Richmond, Virginia, Confederate Congress today votes to move the Confederacy’s capital to Richmond, Virginia, and President Jefferson Davis signs an act ordering payment into the cash-strapped Confederate treasury of all monies owed to Northern creditors. The second Congressional session adjourns in Montgomery, Alabama, to reconvene in Richmond./1861 
  • At Hampton Roads, Virginia, across from Union-controlled Fortress Monroe, the USS Monticello in its efforts to blockade the Chesapeake Bay, again fires two shots at the Sewall’s Point battery but draws off when Georgia troops manning the battery returns fire with a Georgia flag flying and under command of Captain Peyton H. Colquitt./1861
  • Meanwhile at Washington, D.C., 11,000 Union troops cross the Potomac River to invade Virginia Soil with a goal to seize Alexandria, Virginia./1861 
  • Confederate General Sterling Price (photograph...Image via Wikipedia
    Sterling Price
    List of American Civil War generalsImage via Wikipedia
    William S. Harney
  • In St. Louis, Missouri, US Brigadier General William S. Harney and Major General Sterling Price of the new Missouri State Guard meet and sign the Price-Harney Truce putting the Federal military in charge of St. Louis, and leaving state forces to control the rest of Missouri. In return, Missouri will declare neutrality in the War. Missouri unionists consider the agreement a capitulation to Governor Claiborne F. Jackson and the secessionists./1861

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