Thursday, May 12, 2011

Martial law in Baltimore, St. Louis

Benjamin Franklin Butler (politician) at age 4...Image via Wikipedia
US MG BF Butler
  • Federal troops institute uncalled-for martial law in Baltimore, Maryland, with the bayonet. Acting completely without orders or authorization of any sort and claiming to have intelligence of possible riots in Baltimore, US Major General Benjamin Butler moves troops from outlying Relay Station, Maryland, into Baltimore and takes control of Federal Hill in the city. In a heinous act that would characterize his leadership, Butler threatens to fire on citizens in downtown Baltimore if Southern sympathizers protest. His first justification for his invasion of Baltimore is his claim that he had heard that there was a riot going on. Since there was in fact no civil disturbance, he produces a cache of weaponry, munitions, and other supplies he claims were intended for distribution to the “rebels.”/1861 
List of American Civil War generalsImage via Wikipedia
US BG W.S. Harney
  • At St. Louis, Missouri, where there have been several days of riots and military killings of civilians, the US Commander of the Western District, headquartered at St. Louis, Brigadier General William Selby Harney returns to the city most upset. While he was gone to Washington, his subordinate Capt. Nathaniel Lyon has made a preemptive strike from the Federal arsenal on the pro-Southern sympathizers at Camp Jackson, provoking a two-day riot. Gen. Harney today issues a proclamation calling for public peace to be preserved. /1861

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