Saturday, May 7, 2011

Virginia admitted to Confederacy, Unionist riots in Knoxville, Tennessee

President pro tempore Isham G. HarrisImage via Wikipedia
TN Gov Isham Harris
  • In Nashville, the Tennessee legislature votes to form a military alliance with the Confederacy pending the June 8 public referendum on secession. Accordingly, Governor Isham Harris places the State Militia under Confederate control. Not everyone is happy, especially in Unionist East Tennessee. In Knoxville, Secessionists and Unionists clash in an open riot in the streets resulting in several injuries and one death, but the melee was such that no one knew which side the dead man was on. Governor Isham Harris, concerned about the maintenance of public safety, questions the wisdom of having the June 8 popular referendum on secession./1861
  • In Montgomery, Alabama, Confederate Congress votes to admit Virginia to the Confederacy pending the May 23 public referendum ratifying Virginia’s secession./1861 
  • U.S. Major Robert Anderson, who has gained notoriety as the Federal commander who surrendered Fort Sumter, is assigned to recruit volunteers for the Union cause in Kentucky and western Virginia./1861
  • Union forces reestablish the rail route between Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Washington, via Baltimore./1861

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