Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Douglas buried; Apalachicola, Fla, blockaded

  • In Chicago, Illinois, the "Little Giant," Stephen F. Douglas, is buried. Across the North, government offices remain closed in his honor. In Washington, President Lincoln orders black bunting hung on the White House and receives no visitors today./1861
  • The New Orleans Zouaves arrive in Richmond, Virginia, creating quite a scene and stir in their distinctive uniforms. The Zouave uniform is inspired by the Zouaoua tribal dress of North Africa and was copied out of respect for their fighting spirit by the Spanish and French armies that fought them in Algeria and Morocco. Those same French and Spaniards when they came to the Americas brought that uniform with them to their new found home of Louisiana. Many of the Louisiana Militia units wore the Zouave uniforms. These Louisiana men were hard fighters, hard drinkers and passionate in their zeal for the Confederate States of America. The Zouaves of Louisiana could be compared with ease to the Special Forces of today; they moved fast, hit hard, and took no prisoners./1861 

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