Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Feds occupy Missouri capitol

    (Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Lyon)Image via Wikipedia
    US BG N. Lyon
  • US Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon with approximately 1,400 volunteers and U.S. Army regulars occupies the capitol building at Jefferson City without firing a shot and turns to pursue Missouri Governor Claiborne F. Jackson who finished evacuating the capital yesterday to join the Missouri State Guard at Boonville, Missouri./1861
  • Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, USA. This is a v...Image via Wikipedia
    Harper's Ferry today
  • Around Harpers Ferry, Virginia, both Confederate and Federal forces are maneuvering near the hamlet where most observers have for some time expected the first large scale battle to take place. Both armies are spending significant effort destroying as much as possible to deny it to the enemy. Near Point of Rocks, Maryland, where the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad crosses the Potomac River into Virginia for 120 miles, the US Corps of Engineers today find and  explode a 100-ton boulder which they have found sitting on the tracks. To this day no one has figured out how retreating Confederate troops under Colonel Thomas J. Jackson were able to place the boulder there./1861
  • The brig USS Perry arrives at New York with the privateer Savannah, captured June 4. The Savannah's crew is paraded through the streets in chains and thrown into cells reserved for felons. They are accused of piracy and face the hangman’s noose./1861

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