Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lincoln: "Bag Jackson"

    A photograph of a British 1865 Gatling gun at ...Image via Wikipedia
    1865 British Gatling Gun
  • Today in the hayloft of Hall’s carriage shop across from the Willard Hotel in Washington, J.D. Mills of New York demonstrates his new shooting machine to three Cabinet members, five generals, and the Governor of Connecticut. Mills had demonstrated the new weapon for President Abraham Lincoln in yesterday. It is a single barreled gun mounted on an artillery carriage – similar to the Gatling Gun, an early form of the machine gun. The gunner simply turns the crank and the .58 caliber bullets, in special metal jackets, feed in one after the other. The commander of the Washington defenses, Gen. Joseph Mansfield, begs for some of the machines. The Chief of Ordnance, General James Wolfe Ripley, however, refuses to order them on the ground that they use too much ammunition./1861
  • In Washington, President Lincoln calls a conference with Gens. Scott, Meigs, and John A. Dix, and cabinet to consider the military situation. "The President expresses a strong desire to bag [Gen. Thomas J. ('Stonewall')] Jackson [(CSA)]."/1861

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