Monday, June 27, 2011

Pawnee repulsed; Baltimore marshal arrested

USS Pawnee, a screw sloop-of-war, which served...Image via Wikipedia
USS Pawnee, 1861
  • At Mathias Point, Virginia, after several days of shelling, Confederate batteries repel Union attempts at an amphibious landing of US troops, and a Confederate sharpshooter shoots and kills the USS Pawnee’s captain, Lieutenant John Ward./1861
  • In Dover, Delaware, a peace convention urges recognition of the Confederacy./1861
  • George Proctor Kane, 1820-1878Image via Wikipedia
    G.P. Kane
    In spite of General Benjamin Butler’s purging of the Baltimore, Maryland, city government of secessionists, today Butler’s successor General Nathaniel Banks arrests the Baltimore Marshal of Police, George P. Kane, at three o'clock in the morning for being a Southern sympathizer. Under the Lincoln regime, freedom of conscience has become a thing of the past./1861
  • In Washington, representatives convene from the US Army, Navy, and Coastal Survey to plan military strategies for the Confederate coastline. This group would later make valuable recommendations throughout the war. From time to time, this board will make a number of reports, many implemented, stating how and where bases for land operation and blockades could be made successfully on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.   It was one of the most successful strategic planning boards of the war./1861 
  • In the Gulf of Mexico, the USS Massachusetts captures 4 Confederate vessels./1861

Arrest of Marshal Kane, at his house in Baltim...Image via Wikipedia
3am arrest of Marshal G.P. Kane

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