Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recruits flood armies; Skirmishes at Arlington, Fairfax, VA

  • Confederate Mail Service begins as Confederate and US postal services end official cooperation , though mail will continue across the lines throughout the war in various ways./1861 
  • In northern Virginia, a small body of raw Confederate recruits routs and disperses 85 Regulars of the Second United States Cavalry at Chantilly, Virginia. The 2nd US Cavalry had been sent from Arlington to reconnoiter and engages the Confederate troops at Arlington Mills and Fairfax Court House. Virginia Militia Captain John Q. Marr, an officer of promise, of the Warrenton (VA) Rifles is killed. He is one of the first Southern officers to die for independence. The Yankees suffer several dead and wounded, and leave seven dead horses and many arms in the street./1861 
  • In a decision aimed at both United States and Confederate States vessels, the British government declares British territorial waters and ports off-limit to belligerents  vessels carrying spoils of war./1861
  • In Virginia, Southern boys are gathering into training camps and issued obsolete Mexican War flintlocks as frantic orders are placed in Europe for the new cap lock muskets./1861
  • At Cairo, Illinois, where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers join, gun emplacements are being tested including a 32-lb. mortar./1861
  • The Sons of Erin, citizens of Ireland living in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, volunteer for Confederate service./1861

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