Saturday, July 16, 2011

McDowell moves on Manassas Junction

Manassas Railroad Junction
  • In Washington, the US Congress authorizes President Lincoln to do what he has already done without an historic precedent -- to call state militias up to suppress the popular movement of other states and to accept the services of 500,000 men./1861
  • Confederate Cavalry General J.E.B. StuartImage via Wikipedia
    J.E.B. Stuart
  • J.E.B. Stuart is promoted to full colonel in the Confederate Army. /1861 
  • US General Irvin McDowell breaks camp around Washington with the largest army the United States has ever raised, 35,000 men, and advances on Manassas Junction, Virginia. Unfortunately the green recruits drink all the water in their canteens and wander out of the line of march to find more – and pick blackberries, leaving tons of strewn equipage along the roads. /1861 

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