Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fremont declares martial law, confiscations in Missouri

  • General John Fremont declares a dictatorial martial law across the state of Missouri. The unauthorized act provides for confiscation of all property belonging to "those who shall take up arms against the United States," with his intention to shoot any of them who are convicted by military court-martial. Fremont also declares that "slaves . . . are hereby declared free men." In defense of this unpopular move, Fremont says Missouri is a victim of "helplessness of civil authority and total insecurity of life." This Missouri Emancipation Proclamation is later revoked by President Lincoln. /1861
  • The Confederate tug Harmony attacks the USS Savannah under Captain Joseph B. Hull at Newport News, Virginia, inflicting damage before withdrawing./1861
  • Skirmishing continues at Bailey's Corners, Virginia./1861

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