Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rumors of Davis-Beauregard breach

Pres. Davis
Gen. Beauregard
  • In Richmond, Virginia, persistent rumors are being whispered of a growing breach in the relationship between President Jefferson Davis and General P.G.T. Beauregard. Clearly, Beauregard’s personal pride and Davis’ thin skin have not mixed well, but the personal problems could create big problems for the strategic future of the Confederacy. Jewish Attorney General Judah P. Benjamin, a close friend of the President’s, seems to have taken Davis’ side as well. The rumors say that after the brilliant victory at Manassas, that Beauregard wanted desperately to invade Maryland, surround the District of Columbia, and finish the work of independence quickly by forcing a treaty of peace. Davis, holding to the principle of self defense, refused Beauregard’s plan. Days or even a few weeks following the battle, a relatively Southern small force could have taken Washington, but whether Beauregard’s intelligence knew in time is now irrelevant since that window of opportunity has now passed./1861
  • Near Cape Fear, North Carolina the USS Penguin under Commander John L. Livingston pursues the blockade runner Louisa, which strikes a shoal and sinks./1861

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