Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spies in White House; Privateer Jefferson Davis wrecks

St. Augustine, Florida waterfront, 1860'sImage via Wikipedia
St. Augustine, Florida, waterfront in 1860s
  • In Washington, President Lincoln receives a warning from Marshal Ward Lamon, in Philadelphia that too many eavesdroppers and traitors lurk about the White House. He urges that security measures be tightened, and a detective employed./1861
  • Skirmishes at Pohick Creek, Virginia, and Sandy Hook, Maryland./1861
  • Near St. Augustine, Florida, the Confederate privateer Jefferson Davis, commanded by Captain Coxetter, wrecks on the bar trying to enter St. Augustine, ending a very successful cruise. The Charleston Mercury (26 August 1861) writes: “The name of the privateer Jefferson Davis has become a word of terror to the Yankees. The number of her prizes and the amount of merchandise which she captured have no parallel since the days of the Saucy Jack [1812 privateer]."/1861

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