Thursday, February 17, 2011

US Arsenal in San Antonio surrenders

Ambrotype believed to be of Twigg's surrender
  • In San Antonio, the Texas Commissioners of Committee of Public Safety again demand immediate official surrender of the US Arsenal, noting that they are anxious to avoid a collision between US Army and over 1,000 Texas militia because of the national ramifications. Brevet Major-General D.E. Twiggs, a Georgian, immediately surrenders the garrison, keeping his men’s arms, equipment, medical, food, and transportation stores so that his force may be withdrawn./1861
  • On this Lord’s Day, President-elect Lincoln and his party, traveling to Washington for his inauguration as the sixteenth President of the United States, observe a day of rest in Buffalo, New York. Former President Millard Fillmore, a resident of Buffalo, calls on Lincoln at 10am and takes him by Fillmore’s own carriage to attend his Unitarian church service, returning to the hotel for Mrs. Lincoln, then to Fillmore’s home to dine with them. Back at the hotel, Lincoln receives friends, eats supper with his family, then hears an Indian preacher, Father John Beason, in the evening./1861

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