Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lee accepts Colonel 1st US Cavalry

Col. R.E. Lee, 1st US Cavalry
  • U.S. Brevet Colonel Robert E. Lee, 2nd Cavalry, had been serving in the U.S. Department of Texas under Brevet Brigadier General David Twiggs prior to the mid-February surrender to the Texas Militia. Today Lee accepts a commission from US Secretary of War Simon Cameron, signed by President Abraham Lincoln, as Colonel of the First US Cavalry. In doing so, Lee apparently ignores the offer of a commission as brigadier general in the Confederate Army from Confederate Secretary of War Leroy P. Walker /1861
  • In Austin, Texas, the sacked Governor Sam Houston refuses to take the oath of allegiance to the Confederacy as required by the Texas Secession Convention. He issues a proclamation protesting the acts of the Convention as null and void and resigns his seat, declaring that he is ever for Texas, but never for the Confederacy. He and Jefferson Davis have been long-time personal enemies./1861

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