Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lincoln: Reinforce Fort Pickens

  • Fort Pickens, Pensacola Bay, Florida
    Having strong-armed an unwilling Cabinet into an aggressive act of war on Fort Sumter, President Lincoln now turns to act on Fort Pickens in Pensacola Bay, Florida. Without any report that his earlier orders to reinforce Pickens have been carried out and rumors that the orders had been ignored, Lincoln, in a similar bullying provocation as he has ordered for Fort Sumter, commands a second military force to relieve and reinforce Fort Pickens. In the morning, Captain Montgomery C. Meigs receives the go-ahead to draft plans to reinforce Fort Pickens. Assisted by General Scott's military secretary, Meigs completes his proposal and takes it to Lincoln's office by mid-afternoon. Lincoln approves the arrangements and has Scott informed that the President wishes "this thing done, and not to let it fail . . . ." Scott adds only a few details, and the project is "definitely adopted."/1861
  • Fort Bliss, Texas, near El Paso surrenders to Texas Militia. As the list of Federal installations taken over by Southern state militias continues to lengthen, the mood among both Northern and Southern states becomes pessimistic toward a peaceful resolution. The Lincoln Administration is foolishly unyielding in its provocations and aggressions, as the US President plays a game of arrogant intimidation with the Constitution, American lives, resources, and the future of the Republic./1861
  • General John Bankhead Magruder reassigned from Arkansas to Texas./1861

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