Saturday, March 19, 2011

Missouri rejects secession; Fox ordered to Charleston

G.V. Fox
  • In Washington, President Lincoln orders Gustavus V. Fox to Charleston, South Carolina at Fox’s suggestion to assess Major Robert Anderson's situation at Fort Sumter and the intentions of the South Carolina and Confederate leaders. Fox departs today to head through Richmond and Wilmington, then to Charleston./1861

  •  The Missouri Secession Convention votes 89-1 to approve a motion rejecting secession from the Union. "1. Resolved, That at present there is no adequate cause to impel Missouri to dissolve her connection with the Federal Union, but on the contrary she will labor for such an adjustment of existing troubles as will secure the peace, as well as the rights and equality of all the States." /1861
  • In Texas, U. S. troops abandon Forts Clark, Inge, and Lancaster./1861

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