Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missouri supports Crittenden Compromise; Arkansas to have referendum

St. Louis, Missouri, in 1861
  • In St. Louis, the Missouri Secession Convention approves a resolution 90-4 supporting the Crittenden Compromise. "Resolved, That the people of this State deem the amendments to the Constitution of the United States, proposed by the Hon. John J. Crittenden of Kentucky, which the extension of the same to the territory hereafter to be acquired by treaty or otherwise, a basis of adjustment which will successfully remove the causes of difference forever from the arena of national politics." By a vote of 57-36 the Convention also adopted an amendment asking the Federal Government and the seceding states to refrain from any act which would lead to civil war and asking the Lincoln Administration to withdraw from all fortifications in the seceded states. /1861
  • The Arkansas Secession Convention adopts a resolution providing for a statewide public referendum on August 5, 1861, on the question “cooperation” or “secession.”/1861
  • Georgia’s Secession Convention transfers all military installations and operations to control of the Confederate States military./1861
  • US Army troops abandon Brown and Duncan, Texas./1861

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