Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fort Sumter's courtesies cut off

Brig. Gen. Beauregard

Sec. of War Leroy P. Walker
  • Confederate Secretary of War Leroy P. Walker telegraphs Brigadier General Beauregard, ordering him to "remit in no degree" to prevent the reinforcement of Fort Sumter. Walker informs him that the Confederate government does not trust any assurances by the Lincoln Administration to abandon Sumter. Indeed, because of Washington’s feet-dragging in withdrawal from Sumter despite their first-hand knowledge of Anderson’s paucity of supplies, the Confederate government smells a rat. It seems as if Lincoln is only buying time for some strategic movement, baiting and switching the Southerners. Walker directs Beauregard to stop the extension of courtesies to Major Robert Anderson, such as communications and visitors from Washington and permission to procure supplies from the city of Charleston./1861
  • In Washington, President Lincoln directs Secretary of State Seward to pay Captain Montgomery Meigs $10,000 "from the secret service fund" before Meigs leaves on the secret naval expedition to reinforce Fort Pickens, Fla./1861

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