Thursday, May 26, 2011

McClellan invades western Virginia; Mobile, New Orleans blockaded

George B. McClellan. Library of Congress descr...Image via Wikipedia
G.B. McClellan
  • US Major General George B. McClellan crosses the Ohio River with Ohio State troops to cover northwestern Virginia, ordering the 1st Virginia (US) Infantry under command of Colonel Benjamin F. Kelley to move on Grafton, western Virginia, to protect the B&O Railroad/1861 
  • Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown receives a letter from Virginia Militia Major General Robert E. Lee, noting that many Georgia volunteer companies arriving in Virginia did not have weapons. Lee requests Brown to please send any firearms or other equipment with Georgia recruits coming north to defend the South./1861
  • Lincoln’s Postmaster General, Montgomery Blair announces the halt of all postal connections with the Confederate States as of May 31, but mail communication across the lines would continue throughout the war under flag of truce./1861
  • The US naval blockade is emplaced at Mobile, Alabama, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The United States sloop of war Brooklyn, lately involved with the relief of Fort Pickens, at Pensacola, Florida, directs the blockade at New Orleans./1861

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