Monday, May 16, 2011

Tennessee admitted; Kentucky proposes neutrality

First National CSA Flag with 9 stars
  • In Montgomery, Alabama, the Confederate Congress officially and with ceremony admits the State of Tennessee to the Confederate States of America. In other business, the Confederate Congress authorizes the recruitment of 400,000 men for military service to repel Mr. Lincoln’s invasion of a people who want only to be independent./1861 
  • Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, arresting anyone in Baltimore, Maryland, he thinks might be sympathetic to the Confederate cause, imprisons Ross Winans, long-time inventor and locomotive builder, of Baltimore, at Fort McHenry./1861
  • The Confederate Treasury Department issues $50,000,000 in 8% bonds and $20,000,000 worth of treasury notes./1861 
  • The Kentucky legislature proposes that the state maintain a position of neutral status in the War./1861
  • A bridge on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad is destroyed by Southern sympathizers/1861
  • General Winfield Scott orders that Arlington Heights, Virginia, be fortified./1861
  • US Commander John Rodgers is ordered to take command of United States naval operations on rivers of the American West./1861

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