Sunday, June 19, 2011

Martinsburg burned; Skirmish at Cole Camp, Missouri

Martinsburg, (West) Virginia June 19-20, 1861
  • While Gen. Joseph E. Johnston and Col. Thomas J. Jackson are on the road retreating from Harper’s Ferry toward Winchester, Virginia, Johnston is concerned that Union troops might be advancing toward Martinsburg, (West) Virginia, where Colonel J.E.B. Stuart is, twenty miles north of Winchester. Johnson orders Jackson to join Stuart and destroy the important Baltimore & Ohio railroad shops before they fall into Union hands./1861
  • The Pro-Confederate Missouri State Guard defeats the pro-Union Missouri Home Guard in a battle at Cole Camp in Benton County, Missouri. The Confederate victory provides an open line of march for the fleeing Governor Claiborne Fox Jackson and the Missouri State Guard to get away from US Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Lyon's force in Boonville, Missouri./1861
  • At the Second Wheeling Convention in western Virginia, delegates vote unanimously to follow US Constitutional restrictions for formation of new states and form a loyal government of Virginia which would permit creation of a new state./1861

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