Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Battle of Carrick's Ford; Garnett killed

R.S. Garnett
  • US Major General George B. McClellan in western Virginia overtakes Brigadier General Robert Seldon Garnett on the Cheat River at Carrick's/Corrick's Ford. While directing his rear guard skirmishers to Garnett is shot and dies minutes later. He is the first general to die during the War. After Garnett dies, his command is routed with 70 killed. Union losses are 53 killed. This battle is significant because McClellan has now successfully taken control of all the western counties of Virginia which have decided to secede from Virginia. West Virginia has important Baltimore & Ohio Railroad lines which bring coal to the coast to fuel the Union naval blockade, and it provides the Union Army with a base of operations to attack Virginia proper. /1861 
  • In Washington, the US House of Representatives expels Missouri Congressman John Clark for his pro-secession position./1861

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