Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Confederate treaty with Choctaws, Chickasaws

Indian Territory
Choctaw Battle Flag
  • The Confederate government represented by Special Commissioner Albert Pike signs a treaty with the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations. By signing these treaties, the tribes severed their relationships with the federal government, much in the way the southern states did by seceding from the Union. They were accepted into the Confederates States of America, and they sent representatives to the Confederate Congress. The Confederate government promised to protect the Native Americans' land holdings and to fulfill the obligations such as annuity payments made by the federal government. /1861
    At the beginning of the American Civil War, Pi...Image via Wikipedia
    Albert Pike
  • George B. McClellan occupies Beverly, western Virginia, while Confederate troops under J.E. Johnston and Robert S. Garnett retreat from Laurel Hill and Rich Mountain into the Cheat River Valley. West and south, Jacob Cox’s Union troops move in on Southern forces under former Virginia governor General Henry Wise in the Great Kanawah Valley./1861

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