Saturday, July 23, 2011

More US military changes; West Texans head for New Mexico

John R. BaylorImage via Wikipedia
Lt. Col. John R. Baylor
  • More military changes are announced in Washington. US Major General John Dix is ordered to take command of the new Department of Maryland, and Brigadier General William S. Rosecrans (or as the Southerners refer to him, Rosencrantz, the name of one of Shakespeare’s fools) is ordered to take command of the Department of the Ohio commanding in Western Virginia. President Lincoln signs legislation authorizing the enlistment of one million soldiers for three-year terms./1861 
  • In West Texas, a battalion of the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles under Lieutenant Colonel John R. Baylor leaves tonight under orders from the Department of Texas commander, Colonel Earl Van Dorn, to occupy the series of forts along the west Texas frontier which had been abandoned by the Union Army. Baylor's orders allow him to advance into New Mexico in order to attack the Union forts along the Rio Grande if he believes the situation calls for it. Convinced that the Union force at Fort Fillmore would soon attack, Baylor decides to take the initiative and launch an attack of his own./1861

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