Friday, July 1, 2011

US War Dept. to recruit in Tennessee, Kentucky

  • In order to fill Lincoln’s call for Federal troops to invade the South, the US War Department orders Kentucky and Tennessee canvassed for volunteers despite the fact that Tennessee seceded and joined the Confederacy May 6 and it was confirmed 2:1 in a statewide referendum June 8. Lincoln’s War Department also ignores Kentucky’s declared neutrality. The brazen illegalities of the Lincoln Administration continue to multiply./1861 
  • Lyman TrumbullImage via Wikipedia
    Lyman Trumbull
    Lyman Trumbull meets with President Lincoln for about an hour in the evening, and the two men discuss the war: "He said to me that he did not know of any law to authorize some things which he had done; but he thought there was a necessity for them, & that to save the constitution & the laws generally, it might be better to do some illegal acts, rather than suffer all to be overthrown. He seemed to think there was just as much law for increasing the regular army & the Navy as for calling out the three years' men. Every body seems anxious for a forward movement, & indications are not wanting that it will soon be made."/1861
  • Federals occupy Hampton, Virginia./1861

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