Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fort Stanton, New Mexico, falls to Texans

Fort Stanton, New Mexico Territory
  • In a sweeping new grab of Federal power, the US Congress passes a bill establishing a national income tax and new tariffs to finance the war effort. The income tax is 3% and applies to those with incomes over $800 per year. These new taxes are projected to raise $500 million for the Union government, but because of its disfavor, the income tax is never actually put into effect./1861
  • In Missouri, US General Nathaniel Lyon clashes in a skirmish with pro-secessionists under General Ben McCulloch at Dug Springs. Anticipating further unrest in Missouri, US General John Fremont, stationed at St. Louis, sends General Lyon reinforcements./1861
  • In the US Territory of New Mexico, Federal troops evacuate Fort Stanton in the face of Lieutenant Colonel John Baylor’s West Texans of the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles./1861

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