Monday, August 1, 2011

Settlers declare Confederate Territory of Arizona

CS flag raised in Tucson, 3/28/1861
    • In Richmond, Virginia, President Jefferson Davis calls a Cabinet meeting to decide what should be done about the atrocities committed by northern generals against Southern prisoners and civilians. Cabinet unanimously says retaliation should be used only in extreme cases. Later, Davis urges General Joseph E. Johnston to take advantage of the weakness among Union forces following their defeat at Manassas. /1861
    • Meanwhile, General Robert E. Lee arrives in West Virginia to take command of Confederate forces following their defeat under General Garnett at Carrick’s Ford./1861 
  • Arizona and New Mexico during the American Civ...Image via WikipediaSettlers with Lt. Col. John Baylor of the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles officially declare the Confederate Territory of Arizona following the Confederate victory at the Battle of Mesilla. It consists of the New Mexico Territory south of the 34th parallel north to the US border with Mexico, including parts of the modern states of New Mexico and Arizona. Its capital is Mesilla (now in Las Cruces, New Mexico) along the southern border. In July 1860, a constitutional convention at Tucson had established the territory, but recognition in Washington was blocked by anti-slavery Congressmen. Having seceded from the US in March 1861, the Arizona Territory now sends a petition to the Confederate States for recognition. In July 1862, the Confederate Arizona territorial government will relocate in exile to El Paso, Texas, after the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Glorieta Pass (New Mexico Campaign) and remain for the rest of the war. The territory will be represented in the Confederate Congress and Confederate troops will continue to fight under the Arizona banner until war's end./1861

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