Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lincoln sends two friends to Charleston

Ward Hill Lamon. Library of Congress descripti...Image via Wikipedia
Ward H. Lamon

Stephen A. Hurlbut. Library of Congress descri...Image via Wikipedia
Stephen Hurlburt
  • Besides the visit of Gustavus V. Fox to Charleston and Fort Sumter, President Lincoln has also dispatched two personal friends from Illinois to assess the situation in Charleston, South Carolina. Stephen A. Hurlbut, has family and friends in Charleston, and Ward H. Lamon arrives on official US government business. Hurlbut travels as a private citizen and stays with his sister for two days before returning to Washington. Lamon arrives to examine some post office matters. Lamon’s official status, his imposing physical size, and talkativeness draws more attention than Hurlbut. In two days, Lamon has a formal interview with South Carolina Governor Pickens and is permitted to visit Major Anderson at Fort Sumter. Lamon gives the impression to both Governor Pickens and Anderson that Fort Sumter will be soon evacuated./1861
  • U. S. troops abandon Fort Chadbourne, Texas./1861

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