Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Va. alliance proposed, NC Gov calls special session

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VP A.S. Stephens
  • President Davis in Montgomery has sent Vice President Alexander Hamilton Stephens to "get Virginia" and today Stephens proposes a military alliance with Virginia. Meanwhile, Major General Robert E. Lee of the Virginia Militia assigns Maj. Gen. Joseph E. Johnston to the command of Virginia State forces in and about Richmond hours after he arrives in town after having resigned from the US Army on April 22. One of Johnston's officers, Major Thomas J. Jackson, unhappy with his assignment from Virginia Governor as Major of Topographical Engineers, contacts the man who helped him get an appointment to West Point, J.M. Bennett, who has known him since boyhood. Bennett informs Governor Letcher and some members of the Virginia Convention of Jackson's resume -- a West Point graduate with honorable service in the Mexican War. This is good information for Governor Letcher who had only known Jackson as a professor at Virginia Military Institute./1861 
  • Georgia Governor Joseph Brown repudiates all debts by the State of Georgia or any of its residents which are owed to any Northern person or company by any of his citizens, the state itself, or any of its agencies./1861
  • NC Gov. John Ellis
    In Raleigh, North Carolina,Governor John Ellis, who had already rejected Lincoln’s levy for troops, calling it unconstitutional and “a gross usurpation of power," today issues a proclamation about Lincoln's “high-handed act of tyrannical outrage” calling a special session of the State legislature to consider secession. Ellis says that Lincoln's order for 75,000 troops was “conceived in a spirit of aggression unparalleled by any act of recorded history,” reminding North Carolina citizens that their “first allegiance is due to the sovereignty which protects their homes and dearest interests, as their first service is due for the sacred defence of their hearts, and of the soil which holds the graves of our glorious dead. United action in defence of the sovereignty of North Carolina, and of the rights of the South, becomes now the duty of all.”/1861
  • In the White House, President Lincoln addresses the "Frontier Guard, under the command of Senator [James H.] Lane of Kansas." The Frontier Guard's soldiers assist in defending the "neighborhood of the Executive Mansion." Lincoln remarks, "I have desired as sincerely as any man . . . that our present difficulties might be settled without the shedding of blood. . . . But if the alternative is presented, whether the Union is to be broken in fragments and the liberties of the people lost, or blood be shed, you will probably make the choice, with which I shall not be dissatisfied."/1861

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