Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Diplomacy and the Confederate Navy

Raphael SemmesImage via Wikipedia
Cdr. Raphael Semmes, CSN
Cienfuegos, CubaImage via Wikipedia
Cienfuegos, Cuba
  • At Cienfuegos, Cuba, the commander of the CSS Sumter, Raphael Semmes, has in less than a week captured seven United States shipping vessels. He attempts to deposit the prizes in the port of Cienfuegos by casually telling the Spanish colonial governor that he assumes Cuba would treat Confederate ships with “the same friendly reception as to cruisers of the enemy.” Because such action could appear as diplomatic recognition of the Confederate government, the governor refuses the vessels, and Semmes is forced to release his prizes./1861
  • President Jefferson Davis writes Lincoln that if the captured crewmen of the CSS Savannah are executed as pirates as has been determined, that Davis will order a like number of Northern prisoners executed. /1861 

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