Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missouri troops win Battle of Carthage

Gov. C.F. Jackson
Brig. Gen. F. Sigel
  • Missouri Governor Claiborne F. Jackson is on the run from Union forces under Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Lyon because he opposes Lincoln and supports secession. With 4,000 Missouri State Guardsmen, he discovers that Brig. Gen. Franz Sigel is ahead of him at Carthage, Missouri, and Jackson goads Sigel into an attack. Despite the Missouri militia’s lack of organization their 3:1 advantage comes into play when the Missouri cavalry attacks both sides of the Union line and roll up Sigel’s flanks. Sigel retreats with 13 killed, 31 wounded. Missouri losses are 40-50 killed and 120 wounded. Sigel retires to await Lyon, while Jackson moves to join Sterling Price. The Confederate victory is the largest battle of the War so far, and it puts the brakes on the Federal push into southwest Missouri and provides a big boost to Confederate morale./1861
Battle of Carthage, Missouri, July 5, 1861

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