Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lincoln empowered to declare insurrection's existence

  • In Washington, the Lincoln Administration submits eleven Union officers’ names to Congress for promotion to brigadier general. Among them are William B. Franklin, Samuel Heintzelman, Joseph Hooker, William Tecumseh Sherman, and Ulysses S. Grant, stationed in Illinois, made a General of Volunteers. Many people North and South realize after the events of July that the war will be more than three months’ duration and now expect it to continue for a few months more./1861
  • In a breathtaking increase in tyrannical executive power, President Lincoln approves an act empowering the Chief Executive to decide when and where a state of insurrection exists./1861
  • In the new (unelected) pro-Union state government of Missouri, meeting at St. Louis, Hamilton Gamble is elected Governor by the legislature, replacing the duly elected pro-secession Governor Claiborne F. Jackson, who is in command of the Missouri State Guard in southwest Missouri, fighting the US government for Missouri’s right to state sovereignty but being pursued by US Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Lyon. Meanwhile in northeast Missouri, following a July 21st attack by Unionist 1st Northeast Missouri Home Guard Regiment commanded by Colonel David Moore at Etna, Missouri, on the secessionist training camp of the Missouri State Guard’s 2nd Division under Colonel Martin E. Green, today Colonel Moore responds by entering Edina in Knox County, Missouri, stampeding the local Home Guards with his 1st Cavalry Regiment, then proceeding toward his target, Col. Moore's Unionist regiment in Athens. Meanwhile, several hundred of Moore's regiment receive the new Springfield rifled muskets./1861
  • Aeronaut John LaMountain makes his first successful balloon flight from Fort Monroe observing Confederate defenses throughout the Hampton Roads area./1861

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